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Online first articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Occurrence mechanism of strong mining tremors under mining near goaf in deep mine with extremely thick strata
Theory and Engineering Practice of Constructing "Inner Protection Layer" for Strongly Prominent Coal Seams
Research and application of heap spraying technology based on safe and high-efficiency supporting structure
Ultrasonic and CT scanning analysis of coal-rock mass under the primary bedding structure
Research on calculation and optimization method of refrigeration and cooling pipe network in High Temperature Mine
Syudy on Water loss model and Prediction Technology of Aquifer induced by Coal Mining in Yushenfu Mining Area in the Middle reaches of the Yellow River
Enrichment characteristics of strategic metal elements in Late Paleozoic coal-bearing sequences in Renjiazhuang mine field
Cooperative exploration methods of coal and strategic metal resources in coal-bearing strata in China
Progress and Prospects of Multi-source Remote Sensing Monitoring Technology for Coal Mining Subsidence in Mining Areas of the Western Loess Plateau
DSE and its metabolites on Medicago sativa growth promotion and its potential for ecological restoration in mining areas
Ecological environmental assessment of Gobi desert open-pit mine based on time series model
Study on optimization of well pattern and well spacing for CBM development ——Taking Da ning block as an example
Analysis and scientific optimization of geological engineering integration influencing factors for precise deployment of coalbed methane well locations
Research and application of influencing factors of key parameters of roof cutting and pressure relief by dense drilling
Application research on identification of rich water space in abandoned coal mine based on semi-airborne transient electromagnetic method
Multi-scale analysis of fracturing characteristics of coalbed methane Wells in Tunlan Block
Construction and implementation of emission reduction and treatment technology system in deep mining of high salt mine water
Study on the change pattern of acoustic emission signal and generation mechanism during coal heating and combustion process
Analysis of ecological water level recovery degree under coal mining subsidence disturbance in ecologically fragile area
Research on the distribution law of downward mining stress field in close coal seam and the method of reasonable location of the roadway
Research on the mechanical behaviour and determination method for shear strength of colluvial deposit in large-scale direct shear tests
Optimization and simulation of adaptive mining cutting path in complex undulating coal seam
Effects of Land Reclamation on Soil Bacterial Community Assembly and Carbon Sequestration Function in Dongtan Coal Mine Subsidence Area
Study on disturbance and restoration of soil organic carbon in open-pit mining areas
Calculation method of safe width of gasification cavity for medium-deep underground coal gasification
Quantitative characterization of pore structure in coal measure shales based on deep learning
Investigation on pyrolytic, fracture evolution and seepage of oil shale under high temperature
Study on the damage and fracture characteristics of coal rock based on the X-ray micro-CT scanning technology and statistical strength theory
Research on performance evaluation method of major science and technology projects in coal science and technology enterprises
Fatigue life prediction of shearer rocker shell based on DEM-MFBD bidirectional coupling technology
Experimental simulation on the electrochemical mechanism of iron pollution from “dual-source” in closed coal mine water
Analysis of the difference between weathered coal and lignite in the conversion of biomethane
Residual coal pillar stress distribution and cross-pillar roadway layout control technology in extra-thick coal seam
Effects of coal mining subsidence on soil microorganisms and enzyme activities in different landform types of northern Shaanxi
Application of downward directional drilling nitrogen foam power-law multiphase flow slag unblocking technology
Study on the influence of different factors on the peak concentration distribution of desorption gas under the action of gas sustained-release agent
Key technology for coordinated development of coalbed methane in inclined crushed soft coal seam group in Aiweigou mining area
An illuminance improvement and details enhancement method on coal mine low-light images based on Transformer and adaptive feature fusion
Research progress and prospects of ultrasonic vibration in coal rock fracturing
Study on the division method and fractal characteristics of overburden gas slow permeability zone in up-dip fully mechanized face of inclined thick coal seam
Location of underground microseismic source based on 3D two-stream network
Coal quality big data mining method and application based on SOM plus K-means two-stage clustering