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Research and application of maximum surface subsidence model under the condition of repeated mining in weakly cemented strata
Research on deep hole segmented charge cut blasting of rock roadway based on numerical simulation
Analysis and discussion of the influence of ratio of loose layer thickness to bedrock thickness on surface deformation and the condition of thick loose layer and thin bedrock
Experimental study on desorption characteristics of gas-containing coal under the action of overburden pressure and water injection
Experimental study of aerospace solid propellant fracturing in simulated coal sample
Structural parameters optimization of internal mixing air atomizing nozzle based on orthogonal experiment
Study on the factors affecting the adsorption of CO2 from power plant flus gas in coal left in goaf area
Review on the progress for physical simulation for gas reservoirs co-production in multi-pressure system
Simulation investigation on spatial deflection of multiples fractures of multistage perforation clusters in hydraulic fracturing
Study on damage mechanism and treatment of water sprayed roof in Jurassic stratum roadway
Flexible magnetic suction impermeable membrane of vertical curtain water interception technology for strong seepage loose layer of coal mines
Experimental study of the influence of drainage conditions on sandstone mechanics and its deformation localization characteristics
Architecture and key technologies of coalmine underground vision computing
Digital twin rapid construction method of a mining hoisting system
Deep neural network-based image enhancement algorithm for low-illumination images underground coal mines
Static-dynamic rockburst risk assessment method in near-vertical coal seams
Effect of axial spacing on rotating stall performance of FBCDZ-10-No20 contra-rotating fan
Safe passing critical criterion for drawn top-coal on rear conveyor and accurate control approach for drawing opening dimension
Research on multi-boom coordinated drilling technology for hard rock tunneling
Simulated reconstruction of soil water distribution and isotope fractionation under the influence of AMF inoculation
Study on chemical characteristics and evolution law of groundwater in Taigemiao Mining Area
FTIR characteristics of charcoal with different combustion degrees as an indication of the genesis by and their significances for formation of fusinite in coal
The combustion characteristics and kinetic analysis of low-rank coals with different vitrinite/inertinite ratio
Preparation of activated carbon-mesoporous silica composites from coal gangue and phase transformation during its preparation
Study on burst risk assessment of coal seam in folded area based on pre-mining stress back analysis
Disaster mechanism during passing of working face under overlying remnant coal pillar and advanced regional prevention technology
Plastic zone distribution and main controlling factors analysis of large mining height face in steeply dipping coal seam
Research on the fracture evolution law and combined bearing structure load of shallow buried coal seam group
Failure test and strength model of high-porous low-cementitious waste backfilling material
Experimental study on dynamic mechanical behavior of frozen sandstone with different saturations