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2020 Issue 10

Monitoring and analysis of mining-induced surface subsidence based on SBAS-InSAR technology


LUAN Yuanzhong LIANG Yaodong JI Zhaolei YU Jian

Author Unit:

School of Surveying and Mapping Science and Engineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology

Key Words:

SBAS-InSAR technology; subsidence analysis; leveling measurement; time series analysis;
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In order to grasp the ground subsidence of coal mining area,ncluding time series subsidence, subsidence rate ,time series subsidence area,etc.,19 Senti nel-1 A images,AUX _ POE-ORB precision stars and SRTM1( spatial resolution of 30 m) DEM data as well as SBAS-In SAR technology were used to extract the subside nce rate,time-series subsidence and cumulative subsidence of the mining area from 19 images. The distribution of the subsidence rate of the subsidence funnel and the development trend of settlement are studied,and the direction of the mining face is quantitatively analyzed and compared with the level observation line data. The result s show that from September 2016 to September 2017 ,there was a large subsidence funnel in the study area. By analyzing the subsidence rate of the subsidence funnel, it was found that the maximum sedimentation rates of No.2302,No. 1307 ,No. 1305,No. 1303 and No.4302 working faces were 353,389,345,273 and 352 mm/a respectivel y. By analyzing the time-series subsidence of each working face,it was found that the subsidence in the north of the working face No.1303 and No. 1305 was decreasin g,and the subsidence in the southern part will increase;while the No.4302,No.2302 and No.1307 working faces are still active,their subsidence will continue to increase. Quantitative analysis was carried out on the time series subsidence of the direction of No.2302 working face and compared with the level monitoring data. It was found t hat the maximum median error was 9.25 mm,and the accuracy results meet the accuracy( 10 mm) requirements in DD2014-11 Technical Regulations for Data Processin g of Land Subsidence Interferometric Radar,which proves that the subsidence monitoring accuracy is reliable.
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June 15th,2022

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