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Prospect and Progress of deformation and failure monitoring technology of surrounding rock in stope


ZHANG Pingsong,XU Shiang,GUO Liquan,WU RongXin

Author Unit:

1.State Key Laboratory of Mining Response and Disaster Prevention and Control in Deep Coal Mines ,Anhui University of Science and Technology,Huainan , China;2.School of Earth and Environment, Anhui University of Science and Technology, Huainan , China

Key Words:

surrounding rock of stope; surrounding rock deformation; surrounding rock failure; monitoring technology
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The development of deep coal resources is facing more mining geological problems which are complex,changeable and difficult.The morphology and structure of the surrounding rock of the stope is one of the important evaluation indexes of the mine safety production,and the deformation and destruction test of the surrounding rock of the stope is an important technical guarantee to distinguish the geological problems caused by hidden disasters in the mine.In recent 20 years of rapid development of coal industry,considerable progress has been made in deformation testing technology of surrounding rock masses.Based on the influencing factors of deformation and destruction of the surrounding rock mass in mining area,the testing technology is divided according to the testing methods.At present,the drilling test technology,geophysical test technology,optical fiber test technology and other measurement technologies applied to the deformation and failure test of the surrounding rock in the mining area and their characteristics are summarized.The test technology and other measurement technologies and their characteristics,combined with the engineering application examples of coal seam roof and floor and two sides of roadway,the paper introduced the main progress,advantages and disadvantages and applicability of different test technologies,discussed the innovation trend of the detection technology and the development direction of the test technology of the deformation and failure of the surrounding rock in the future mine safety production.At the same time,it is also recognized that although the existing testing technology has achieved significant results,it still cannot meet the needs of modern and intelligent production.For the progress of testing technology,it is necessary to continuously optimize the technical equipment,but also to improve and update the scientific and technological theories across disciplines.On the basis of the current scientific and technological innovations assisted by geological big data,,cloud computing and artificial intelligence,the testing technology of the surrounding rock deformation and damage must be developed in the direction of diversification,multi-parameter,intelligence and full-time monitoring in the future.The test mode will continue to transit to the visual and dynamic monitoring and early warning mode.It will play an increasingly important role in fusion testing technology.

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May 15th,2022

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