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Development trend of thin coal seam mining and complete equipment technology


YANG Shenghua,ZHOU Yongchang,RUI feng,ZHANG Shihong

Author Unit:

Shanghai Co.,Ltd.,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group,Shanghai ,China

Key Words:

thin seam mining;unmanned working face;shearer;automatic plough;continuous miner;auger drilling rigs;intelligent equipment
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In order to achieve efficient mining of thin coal seams in China,the development and application situation of technology of thin seam mining and complete equipment are introduced according to the requirements of scientific development of coal mining.It is pointed out that shearer,automatic plaugh and continuous miners and unmanned face auger is a comprehensive mechanized mining technology for thin coal seams,therefore the overall development of fully mechanized equipment and the localization is the development trendas soon as possible,and the innovation development is the development direction of thin seam mining and equipment.Fully mastering the technology of plough mining,accelerating the localization of plough equipment,and realizing the intelligentization of mining equipment in order to improve the innovation speed of thin coal seam drum shearer equipment and achieve high adaptability,high performance and high reliability of the working surface equipment.Developing a thin coal seam continuous miner and completing the localization of thin coal seam mining equipment to promote the mining of extremely thin coal seams in auger drilling machines and further improve the mining equipment of auger drilling rigs.The technology of thin seam mining has been developing into a high-yield and high-efficiency production of automated and unmanned working faces and the development of thin coal seams without coal pillars is a development trend.Research and development of high-yield and highefficiency unmanned working face thin coal seam mining equipment is the main task at present,and high-speed,high-efficiency,automated,intelligent,unmanned shearer mining equipment and the coal-rock excavation equipment of working surface roadway are important work for coal mine to lay the foundation for digital green mining,intelligent mining and sustainable development.
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May 15th,2022

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