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Study on high efficiency mining shearer for thin coal seam with thickness of 0.8 m


LI Qingliang

Author Unit:

Shanghai Branch,Tiandi Science and Technology Corporation,Shanghai ,China

Key Words:

thin seam; shearer; half suspension of fuselage; non-airborne; segmented remote control; adaptability
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In order to deal with the incompatibility of the installed power,the machine height,the coal space and the operational stability of the coal mining machine used in mining a coal seam of about 0.8 m,this paper introduced a machine layout with the cutting part fully suspended and the fuselage half suspended,and in view of the special working conditions of the 0.8 m coal seam,the adaptability of the whole machine layout,the adaptability of the rocker shell,the adaptability of the walking section and the adaptability of the electronic control system were studied.The research results show that the thin coal seam shearer for mining 0.8 m coal seam developed in this study has an installed power of 445.5 kW,a machine height of ≤600 mm,a coal space of ≥200 mm,and a center of gravity of the shearer above the tank and runs stably.The rocker arm shell adopts CrNiMo high-strength material,and the electronic control system uses non-airborne control and segmented remote control,so it has good adaptability for mining coal seam of about 0.8 m,and can meet the needs of thin coal seam of about 0.8 m in small and medium coal mines with an annual output of 300 000 tons.
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June 15th,2022

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