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Research on technology of preventing mine rock burst of roadways near gob when fully-mechanized over anticlinal structure


SU Shijie

Author Unit:

Hulusu Coal Mine,Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co., Ltd.,Erdos ,China

Key Words:

rock burst; roadway near gob; four-stage high-strength pressure relief; danger-relief measures
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In order to solve the problem of rock burst prevention in roadways near gob when passing through the B4 anticline in the No.21103 working face of Hulusu coal mine,the deformation and failure characteristics of surrounding rock in the return airway of No.21103 working face passing B4 anticline were studied using microseismics,stress monitoring and on-site measurements.It is shown that the high impact risk of the No.21103 return airway is affected by factors such as gob,structure and advanced bearing pressure.A large amount of elastic energy has accumulated in the coal-rocks in the anticline structural area.When the anticline is exposed,the energy released by a single microseismic event is greater,and the impact risk is also greater than that of the anticline.The stress concentration of the two wings of anticline is 1.23 times that of the normal roadway section,and the stress concentration of the anticline axis is 1.47 times that of the normal roadway section.For the No.21103 return airway design,the four-stage high-strength pressure-relief method from top to bottom is adopted.For monitoring areas with impact danger,large-diameter drilling or blasting hazard measures are taken to reduce the impact risk of the No.21103 return airway and ensure No.21103 safe mining during working face during crossing B4 anticline.

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June 15th,2022

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