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Technical system and prospect of safe and efficient mining of coal and gas outburst coal seams


LI Yanqing,YANG Ke,QIN Ruxiang,YU Yan

Author Unit:

1.Huainan Mining Group Corporation Limited,Huainan ,China;2.National Engineering & Technology Academy for Coal Mining,Huainan ,China;3.School of Resources and Safety Engineering,Anhui University of Science & Technology,Huainan ,China

Key Words:

coal and gas outburst coal seams; coal and gas simultaneous mining; control disasters from the ground; coal mining without pillar and roadway; intelligent mining
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In order to solve the problems of restricting safe and efficient mining such as the occurrence of complex coal seams,multi-source gas emission,repeated mining disturbance,multi-face production preparation under the condition of coal and gas outburst coal seams in Huainan mining area,by analyzing the principle of coal and gas co-mining technology,combining different characteristics of coal and gas occurrence,optimizing the conventional gas control mode of the upper and lower protective seams,three improved modes of co-mining of coal and gas are put forward,namely the proposed remote protection of the protective layer under repeated mining,gas extraction from the protective layer at a close distance and the sequential upward(downward)mining,forming “pre-mining,mid-mining,post-mining”,“this coal seam,adjacent coal seam,gob”,“underground,surface” three-dimensional gas extraction technology,as well as coal pillar-free mining,and prominent key technologies such as outburst prevention of dangerous protective layers,rapid construction of rock roadways,borehole blowout prevention and enhanced permeability extraction,surface drilling construction,thin coal seam mining equipment and so on are also discussed.Make overall planning for safe production work such as tunneling,drilling,extraction,mining and other safety production work,summarize the production organization methods of the “three zones” in the preparation area,treatment area,and mining area,and deploy rational and orderly construction of multiple seams,multiple faces and multiple processes from time and space.The application results show that the coal and gas outburst coal seams can be safely and efficiently mined under the condition of low gas,and the super large coal and gas outburst mine can be built.Finally,in order to deal with the problems of large-scale disaster management projects,long cycles,large quantity of labor and high cost faced by deep mining,the technical ideas of ground drilling for gas and water damage management,the coal mine pillarless and coalless coal mining direction in spontaneous combustion coal seam of high gas and the construction ideas of intelligent mine are given.It is pointed out that the future innovation direction is to explore the new technology of surface drilling disaster control,popularize the new method of coal mining without pillar and roadway,and develop intelligent new equipment for unmanned mining.
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June 15th,2022

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