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Design of remote monitoring system for roadheader and accuracy verification of position and posture detection


ZHANG Minjun,ZANG Fuyu,JI Xiaodong,CAI Xiuhang,WU Miao

Author Unit:

School of Mechanical Electronic and Information Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing),Beijing ,China

Key Words:

cantilever roadheader; remote monitoring; position detection; precision verification
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In order to study the accuracy of cantilever roadheader remote control and position detection method, with the investigation of field conditions, the roadheader monitoring accuracy verification system based on airborne programmable controller, airborne sensor system, video monitoring system and industrial computer remote control and position detection system was proposed. Meanwhile, experimental prototype of the roadheader was enhanced and a simulation roadway was built. The system’s overall structure and micro-structure of each part were detailed. Taking the test of roadheader position detection as an example, the performance of the remote monitoring system and the functionality of position detection precision verification system were conducted. The results show that the angle measurement error is within 1°comparing roadheader position detection accuracy verification system and these position detection methods, and the offset displacement error is within 0.01 m. In the test, the system runs steadily and is easily operated, and the interface displays clearly. Therefore, the roadheader remote monitoring and position detection could be verified. And it is the important test basis for the development of unmanned roadheader.
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June 15th,2022

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