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2011 Issue 11

Selection and Application of Hydraulic Powered Support to Fully Mechanized Top Coal Caving Mining Face in Thick Seam of Yanbei Mine


Key Words:

mine strata pressure;monitoring and measuring;hydraulic powered support;equipment selection;
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With the analysis and calculation on the conditions of the mine strata pressure behaviors occurred during the mining process of the No.2502 mining bloc k in Yanbei Mine, the work resistance of the hydraulic powered support applied to the fully mechanized coal mining face in No.1504 mining block was determined.In co mbination with the conditions of the mine strata pressure behaviors occurred during the driving process of the coal mining face, the type and structure mode of the hydr aulic powered support could be selected to meet the site actual requirements.When the coal mining face was advanced forward about 1 200 m, the seismic energy from the several mine strata pressure behaviors would reach at 3.66x106 J, the hydraulic powered supports applied to the coal mining face and the pilot supports applied to t he two gateways all could meet the reliable support requirements.
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June 15th,2022

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