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2011 Issue 11

Application of Mine Comprehensive Geophysical Exploration Technology to Seal Extra Large Water Inrush


Key Words:

comprehensive geophysical exploration;frequency selection of natural electric field;transient electromagnetic;ultra low frequency remote sensing;geophy sical exploration of abnormal overlap zone;
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In order to reduce the construction period and effectively seal a ultra large Ordovician limestone water inrush in the goaf of No.27080 coal mining face in Huaxing Mine, with the application of three comprehensive geophysical exploration means with the frequency selection method of the natural electric field, the transient electromagnetic method and the ultra low frequency remote sensing method, the overlap area in the geophysical exploration of abnormal overlap zone was taken as the seemed watery area in Ordovician limestone and the location of the water flow channel.Based on the adjustment of the water sealing plan, two borehole drillings were made in the overlap region of the geophysical exploration abnormal zone.The old and new drilled boreholes were applied to make the grouting and backfill to seal the s ources in the watery region and the water sealing rate could be 100% in two months.The drilling exploration, grouting and effects showed that the reliability of the propo sed Ordovician limestone watery zone and the water flow channel location marked were verified.The practices showed that the application of the comprehensive geoph ysical exploration technology could make up the shortage of a single geophysical exploration and could be more reliable and efficient to take the overlap abnormal zone as a target zone.
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June 15th,2022

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