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2011 Issue 11

Development and Application of Monitoring and Early Warning System to Seam Floor Water Inrush


Key Words:

floor water inrush;monitoring and measuring early warning;monitoring and measuring;optical fiber and optical grating;sensor; .
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The water inrush occurred from the seam floor would have its hidden and sudden features and thus the mine water prevention and control of the coal mi ning face would be facing a great problem and challenge.The water inrush monitoring and measuring early warning technology would be a necessary measure in the mi ne safety production process.Based on the study on the seam floor water inrush monitoring and measuring, the monitoring and measuring conditions and the suitable s cope, a new monitoring and measuring early warning system of the seam floor water inrush was researched and developed based on the optical fiber and optical gratin g communication and the sensing technology.The early warning system is consisted with the data collection system and the water inrush monitoring and measuring data integration analysis system.The early warning system could realize the monitoring and measuring the data on time collection, the curve on time display, remote analysi S, the warning condition issue and other function.With the monitoring and measuring early warning experiment at 225 m section from the open-off cut and the stable of No.9208 coal mining face in the North Mine Shaft of Dongpang Mine, the practicability and effectiveness of the monitoring and measuring early waning system of the wa ter inrush from the seam floor was preliminarily verified.
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June 15th,2022

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