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2014 Issue 10

Directional Drilling Technology Applied to Goaf Water Control in Underground Mine


CAO Zhu-jun ZHOU Jian-jun SONG Hong-juan

Author Unit:

Energy Engineering Company, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group

Key Words:

goaf water; directional dilling; measuring system with dilling operation; water inflow; borehole sealing technology;
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According to a safety hidden danger problem from a safety mining in No.2 Mine caused by a goaf water in No. 1 Mine of Shitanjing Coking Coal Mine, s henhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group, with an analysis on the boundary relation, hydraulic connection between No.1 well and No. 2 well, site geological and constructio n conditions, an underground mine directional drilling technology with an advance directional function was applied to the drilling of seven long distance directional boreh oles conducted in air return rise of top group seam from No. 2 Mine to No. 1 Mine and four boreholes was constructed to the mine roadway. After those borehole constr uction completed, initial water inflow of each borehole was 80 ~ 130 m3/h, water head pressure was 1. 8 MPa and water head height in the goaf of No.1 Mine was redu ced with 6 m after 190 days of water drainage. Finally, when a borehole was drilling through mine gateway, mud inrush occurred from goaf would cause drilling tools ja mmed and high water head pressure, which could cause safety hidden danger and other problems in borehole drilling operation, the paper provided certain technical so lution plan. .
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May 15th,2022

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