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2014 Issue 10

Hydrochemical Analysis Method Applied to Determine Mine Water Inrush Sources and Verification of Tracing Method



Author Unit:

Xi'an Research Institute Company Limited, China Coal Technology and Engineering Group

Key Words:

water inrush sources; hydrochemical analysis method; Sukalev Classification; tracing experiment;
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In order to determine mine water- inrush sources occurred in No.11305 coal mining face of Wanglou Mine, based on an analysis on 84 copies of the wat er quality reports of Wanglou Mine, a hydrochemical analysis method was applied to the Sukalev Classification on the water quality information of different aquifers in th e mine. Then in comparison with the water samples of the mine water inrush from No. 11305 coal mining face, the preliminary determination showed that the water sour ce of the mine water inrush was crack water from Jurassic sandstone. In order to have a further verification, an underground water connectivity tracing experiment meth od was applied. A tracer KI was put in an aquifer of the Jurassic sandstone and a tracing ion I-detection was conducted on the water samples received at the water disc harging point of the mining goaf. The detection results showed that from No.480 water sample, a concentration of l-in the following water samples was obviously too hi gh, five concentration peaks were appeared, a max value of the I concentration was up to 19. 727 mg / and was 110 times of the background value. The test results sh owed that the hydrochemical method and tracing experiment could be an effective means to analyze and certificate the water inrush sources.
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May 15th,2022

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