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2014 Issue 10

Application and Design of Mine Full Automatic Pre-Mixed Material Pneumatic Transportation System


WANG She-ji ZHANG Xian-yu DING Cong-shi LYULei SU Zheng-fei

Author Unit:

SDIC Xinji Energy Company Limited

Key Words:

mine roadway support; full automatic pneumatic transportation system; concrete casting; mine car transportation;
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Due to the application of a new combined support technique in a large cross section roadway of Kouzidong Mine, it was necessary to solve the problems of conventional mine car transportation method with many workers, high safety risk, and the roadway support construction material quality and quantity not guaranteed. The full automatic pre- mixed material pneumatic transportation system could be applied to timely provide qualified mixed material to the roadway heading face. The tra nsportation system could proved the pre- mixed support construction material to the mine roadway with the pipeline, the filtration and pressurized equipment and the pn eumatic and full closed method. The PLC and industrial computer combined control system, in combination with the application of the Atvise full WEB mode SCADA soft ware was applied. The automation degree of the support material transportation in Kouzidong Mine was improved. The workers in the mine auxiliary transportation were reduced. The unsafe factor of the narrow gauge transportation was effectively eliminated. The roadway support technique of Kouzidong Mine was indirectly improved, a nd the quality of the mine roadway support was improved.
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June 15th,2022

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