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2014 Issue 10

Application and Dynamic Characteristics Research of Start Non-Skid for Belt Conveyor


YU Jing LI Jun-Xia ZHANG Wen CHENG Kun-Peng

Author Unit:

Mechanical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology Shanxi Province Mine Fluid Control Engineering Technology Research Center Shanxi Province Engineering Laboratory For Mine Fluid Control

Key Words:

belt conveyor; rigid body dynamics model; viscoelastic dynamics model; start skid; dynamic tension; tension force;
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Aiming at using the rigid body dynamics model of belt conveyor to make start non- skid theoretical analysis would lead that the dynamic tension and tens ion force could not be accurately calculated, which would easily cause the problem that actual results was different from theoretical analysis. For the problem, this pape r established the viscoelastic dynamics model to make the dynamic characteristics study of start non- skid for the belt conveyor. Not only could the internal dynamic ten sion be accurately calculated, but also could the internal dynamic tension which the belt had during the belt conveyor starts be reduced by designing an appropriate sta rting acceleration and appropriate starting time. Based on the above discussion, the calculated tension force which was required for the belt conveyor starting could effe ctively limit the viscoelastic vibration when starting so that it could effectively prevent the occurrence of start skid. The theoretical calculations and starting tests in Shan xi province confirmed that the results of the dynamic characteristics study of start non- skid for the belt conveyor could solve the problem of start skid for the belt conve yor
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June 15th,2022

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