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2014 Issue 10

Study on Coordinative Development Mechanism of Coal and Coalbed Methane


SUN Jing-lai

Author Unit:

Mine Safety Technology Branch, China Coal Research Institute National Key Lab of Coal Resource High Efficient Mining and Clean Uiliation (China Coal Research Institute)

Key Words:

coalbed methane; coordinative development mechanism; technical system; time-space relationship;
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In order to better promote the coordinative development technology of coal and coalbed methane and to realize the coordinative development of the coal and coalbed methane, with the coalbed methane drainage technology, the mining and driving continued and a regional division in the mining process of the three demo mining areas in the oil and gas major special project and the study on the max seam content allowed at each stage, the coordinative development mechanism of the co al and coalbed methane was preliminarily established.The study hold that according to the different geological condition of each mining area, three or four regions could be divided and a gas drainage and coal mining could be continuously conducted in stages. According to the mining or driving speed, ventilation quantity and other para meters at each stage, the formula to determine the max safety allowed gas content of the seam at each stage was established. According to the gas drainage technolog y and related parameter at each stage, the rational gas drainage time of each region would be determined, thus the rational mining and driving schedule could be arran ged and finally the coal mining and gas drainage could be realized coordinatively in time and space. The coordinative development mechanism of the three demo minin g areas was established under the typical geological condition.
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June 15th,2022

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