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2014 Issue 10

Research on Hazard Assessment and Control Technology of Room and Pillar Mining Method Goaf in Shendong Mining Area


ZHANG Jun-ying LI Wen YANG Jun-zhe ZHANG Bin HE An-min LI Hong-jie BI Zhong-wei CHEN Qing- tong LIN Hui-li

Author Unit:

Mine Safety Technology Branch, China Coal Research Institute State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining and Clean Uilization (China Coal Research Institute) Shenhua Shengdong Coal Group Co., Ltd.

Key Words:

room and pillar mining method goaf; hidden hazard in goaf; grouting control; blasting control;
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Based on a investigation and reconnaissance, comprehensive analysis, danger grading and evaluation, site monitoring and measurement as well as test and other methods, the paper analyzed hidden danger type of the goafs in a room and pillar mining and provided a danger grading method of the goafs in the room and pillar mining method of Shendong Mining Area. A safety evaluation experts system of the goafs in the room and pillar mining of Shendong Mining Area was developed a nd a hidden danger was evaluated. With a blasting experiment, a grouting experiment was conducted in the goafs of the room and pillar mining. The results showed that the goafs of the room and pillar mining had an area of 29.05 km2 in Shendong Mining Area and the goafs of the pillar mining had 4 different hidden dangers, including t he important buildings, communication towers and high voltage power line towers, important highway on the surface and the underground mining and driving safety. The danger grades of the goafs in the room and pillar mining in Shendong Mining Area were divided into five grades. A safety experts evaluation system was developed for t he goafs in the room and pillar mining of Shendong Mining Area and the evaluation results could meet the site actual. The surface grouting and blasting treatment exper iment measures could provide reliable safety insurances to danger evaluation of the goafs in room and pillar mining, hidden danger control and the buildings protection and uillization.
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June 15th,2022

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