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2015 Issue 01

High efficient recovery technology and application of afterheat from mine air compressor


WANG Chun XIAO Yong-hong ZHANG Yan-ming

Author Unit:

Jincheng Company Limited, Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group Shanxi Mingxinlong Coal Mine Machinery and Equipment Company Limited

Key Words:

air compressor; afterheat recovery; automatic descaling; intelligent monitoring and control;
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In order to high efficiently recover and utilize thermal energy occurred in an operation process of mine air compressor,according to the low afterheat recover y efficiency and recovery heat source unstable problem existed in the previous recovery and utilization technique,with an analysis and comparison on each solution plan,th e automatic switching heat radiation and afterheat recovery system was provided and applied to ensure and realize each normal operation of the air compressor and afterh eat recovery system. An afterheat double thermal storage system was applied to realize the afterheat to be stably uillized. The special alloy material applied to the high effi cient heat exchanger,two sets of secondary heat exchanging technique and equipment,high efficient water softening equipment and automatic descaling technique could en sure the high efficient recovery of the afterheat. An intelligent monitoring and control system was applied to realize an unattended recovery of the afterheat. The application results showed that with the technical improvement conducted,the afterheat recovery and utilization system of the mine air compressor could be stable and reliable in oper ation and the energy saving benefit was remarkable.
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May 15th,2022

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