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2015 Issue 01

Study on inverting calculation of ignition point depth in coal waste pile based on ignition source model


HU Zhen-qi GAO Yang SU Wei-yue XIA Qing ZENG Ji-yong

Author Unit:

Research Institute of Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration,China University of Mining and Technology( Beijing) MOE Engineering Research Center of Mine Ecology and Safety

Key Words:

coal waste pile; depth of ignition point; ignition source model; surface temperature;
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According to an unclear firing location in a deeptraditional coal waste pile during a spontaneous combustion process,lacking of simpleffective and safety method to measure a firing point depth and other problems,based on simple steady-state linear model theory as a base,reverse method of single firing source model was a pplied to establish reverse mathematic model of firing point depth in coal waste pile. With calculation on temperature ratio between surface feature temperatures,a ftting a pproximation actual value method was applied to the numerical solution and a firing point depth in the coal waste pile was obtained. The method was applied to a firing poi nt depth in the south slope of Wangzhuang Mine Coal Waste Pile and the calculation results had an error of 13 cm to a firing point depth measured with a borehole tempera ture measurement. The method could meet the requirements of the spontaneous combustion prevention for the coal waste pile and could provide new idea to have the firin g point depth of coal waste pile during spontaneous combustion.
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May 15th,2022

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