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2015 Issue 01

Application status and development prospect of coal water mixture technology in china


DUAN Qing-bing

Author Unit:

Energy Saving Engineering and Technology Branch,China Coal Research Institute Company Limited National Research Center of Coal and Water Mixture Engineering and Technology National Key Lab of Coal Resource Mining and Environment Protection National Energy Key Lab of Coal High Efficient Utilization,Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology and Equipment

Key Words:

coal water mixture; clean coal fuel; raw material of gasification; additive; energy saving and emission reduction;
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The paper introduced new achievements of the domestic coal water mixture preparation technique, additive research,combustion,gasification application and other areas in recent years. According to the development situation of the coal water mixture application( fuel coal water mixture mainly in South China and Coast Area and gasified coal water mixture mainly in North China and main coal producing area),the paper pointed out that the production of fuel coal water mixture would be developed fo rward to a large scale and coal resources shortage areas. The production technology( equipment) of the coal water mixture would be developed forward to clean,high effici ent and low energy consumption. The coal selected for the coal water mixture preparation would be developed forward to the low rank coal,blended coal and the industry a nd domestic waste material. Based on the important role of the fuel coal water mixture in the energy saving and emission reduction,the coal water mixture as the fuel to rep lace the oil would have a wide development prospect in the combustion of the township( heating supply) ovens,coal water mixture gasification and other areas. A pipeline tr ansportation technology of the coal water mixture also would be the development orientation of coal water mixture in later.
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May 15th,2022

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