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2015 Issue 01

Zero discharge technology and solution idea of waste water from new coal chemistry


HE Xu-wen WANG Chun-rong

Author Unit:

School of Chemistry and Environment Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology( Beijing)

Key Words:

new coal chemistry; waste water zero discharge; coal gasification; coal liquefaction; brine; reverse osmosis;
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According to water tillization and waste water discharge problems existed in the new coal chemical enterprises,taking the typical coal gasification techniqu . e as a case,the paper stated the node occurred from waste water and water quality features. The analysis held that waster water of the coal gasification mainly would come from washing,condensing and ditillation. The features of the waste water would be high concentrated organic pollutants,phenols,oil and nitrogen. The biochemistry would be harmful and many inhibitory substance. The biodegradability of the waste water would be poor. The waster water would be a typical high concentration high polluted,har mful,difficult to biodegrade industrial waster water. Based on the circumstances,the paper analyzed the technical features and major functions of conventional treatment tec hniques of waste water zero discharge in the new coal chemistry,physical chemistry + biochemistry + biological aerated filter + double membrane( ultrafiltration + reverse 0 smosis) + membrane distillation + high concentrated brine solidification( evaporation pond or mechanic vaporization). Finally,the paper analyzed the main technical proble ms existed in the above conventional treatment techniques and certain solution ideas were provided.
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May 15th,2022

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