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2015 Issue 01

Research status on technology of advanced detection by electromagnetic methods in mine laneway


ZHANG Ping-song HU Xiong-wu

Author Unit:

School of Earth and Environment, Anhui University of Science and Technology

Key Words:

advanced detection; electromagnetism method; drivage; mine;
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Forecasting geology conditions of laneway ahead is a key work in mine production. Now the drilling and geophysics methods,as well as comprehensive appl ication,are the common methods to do advanced detection during the driving period. In the article,taking the advanced detection technology by electromagnetic method in t he driving working face of mine as the principal thing,the obtaining progress of direct current electric method and transient electromagnetic method is elaborated about the method principle,improvement of technical equipment,and geological interpretation,and so on. And the existing related issues for application of the electromagnetism advan ced detection technology are analyzed. Combining with method and technique ,instrument and equipment,data interpretation and quantitative evaluation,the understanding and thought for the future development of electromagnetic integration method and technology in mine are proposed technically. From single method detection to multi-para meter monitor,from comprehensive interpretation to joint inversion with multi-field data,from qualitative to quantitative geological interpretation,and to improve continually th e exploring precision of advanced detection are the technique developing direction in the future.
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May 15th,2022

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