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2015 Issue 01

Performance analysis and design on mine small type monopole ultra wideband antenna


TIAN Zi-jian LEI Jjing WANG Wen-qing

Author Unit:

School of Electromechanic and Information Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology( Bejjing) School of Electric and Information Engineering,Beiing Polytechnic College

Key Words:

underground coal mine; mediumresonator antenna; UItra wideband antenna;
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In order to meet the small type and intrinsic design requirements of an antenna in underground mine,the paper analyzed the suitability of ultra wideband sig nal in mine communication. An ultra wideband monopole medium resonator antenna was designed. According to different method to set on the medium substrate,the mono pole antenna and medium resonator could be divided to cross mode or plane mode structures. The length,width,thick of antenna was respectively 30.5,15,5. 762 mm and t hus small type antenna could be realized. The antenna would have high radiation efficiency in the broad band,an excellent directivity and a simple structure. A high frequen cy simulation software HFSS was applied to the modeling on the cross type and plane type monopole medium resonator antenna individually and to individually analyze ref lection coefficient,radiation direction drawn,antenna increased benefit and other main performances. The working frequency of cross medium resonator antenna was 4.2 ~ 10.9 GHz and the relevant bandwidth reached at 89%. In order to further verify performances of the ultra wideband monopole medium resonator antenna,a test and measu rement was conducted. The results showed that ultra wideband monopole medium resonator antenna would have excellent directivity and verified the correction of the simu lation results.
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June 15th,2022

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