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2015 Issue 01

Fine dust prevention and control technology of rapid fully- mechanized working face in wetting difficultly seam


MAWei LIU Yong CHEN Fang

Author Unit:

Chongqing Research Institute,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group

Key Words:

fully-mechanized working face; wetting dfficultly seam; dust collection system; dust control;
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According to dry seam,poor moist coal dust and rapid production schedule features of a mechanized driving face in Wangjialing Mine,based on previous duc t prevention measures,in combination with the dust producing law of the driving face and the air flow field distribution of the driving face,an improvement of a low pressure high flow spraying technique,preparation and addition of the humectant,optimization on the marched technique of the ventilation dust collection system and other study wer e conducted. A high efficient and suitable comprehensive dust prevention technology and equipment was researched and developed. A formula of a high efficient and envir onment protection dustfall agent suitable to the seam and the suitable additional concentration of 0.5% were obtained to meet the requirement of the rapid driving face. Th. e results showed that with the application of the dust collection technology,the dust collection rate of the total dust and respirable dust at the place near the driver were 98. 7% and 98. 4% individually and the dust quantity and concentration was reduced to 35. 2 and 9. 8 mg 1 m3 individually. Thus the fine dust pollution problem of the rapid full y-mechanized working face in wetting difficultly seam was effectively solved.
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June 15th,2022

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