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2015 Issue 01

Spontaneous combustion three zones determination and fire control technology in goaf under different ventilation volume


DUAN Chun-sheng LEI Yan-yun LI Shi-xiong XU Jin-zhong XU Yong-liang

Author Unit:

Shanxi Hequ Jinshen Ciyaogou Coal Industry Company Limited School of Safety Science and Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University

Key Words:

residual coal in goaf; spontaneous combustion seam; oxidized zone; fire control;
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In order to have the study on scope variations of spontaneous combustion three zones in goaf under different ventilation volume, taking No. 10-2 seam in Ci yaogou Mine as a study object,the variation law of the spontaneous combustion three zones in the goaf under different ventilation volume was studied with numerical simul ation. The result showed that,with the ventilation volume increased,a boundary of the oxidized zone would be expanded to a deep section of the goaf and the distance to th e coal mining face would be steadily increased. The ventilation influence of the coal mining face would be in a sequence from high to low,they were sides of an air returning gateway,sides of the air intake gateway and middle of the goaf. The air retuning gateway with a far distance to the boundary of coal mining face would have higher ventilati on volume influences than the sides of the air intake gateway and the middle of the goaf. According to the study results and the site practices,an application of a high powe r complex foaming air leakage sealing and fire prevention technology was provided. The application of the sealing technology could make an oxidized zone in the goaf clos ed to the coal mining face. Under conditions of the same ventilation volume,the width of the oxidized zone with the sealing technology applied would be obviously reduced t han the width of oxidized zone with no sealing technology applied.
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June 15th,2022

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