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2016 Issue 11

Effect of underground coal mining on land surface soil moisture in desert mining area


Liu Ying Wu Lixin Yue Hui Ma BaodongMeng Zhezhe

Author Unit:

College of Geomatics,Xi'an University of Science and Technology School of Environment Scienceand Spatial Informatics,China University of Mining and Technology Institute for Geoinformatics& Digital Mine Research,Northeastern University

Key Words:

desert mining area; soil moisture; coal mining disturbance; coal mining;
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In order to explore the impacts of coal mining on land surface soil moisture,the Shendong Mining area,a typical desert mining area,was selected as the research region,baesd on the establishing the soil moisture monitoring index and scaled soil moisture monitoring index.elimination of the infuence of phase difference for remote sensing data,soil moiture distribution image was obtained by inversion with two issue of mining area remote sensing image data. In mine scale,the effect of underground coal mining on soil moisture was analyzed for main nine mines inShendong Mining Area.The field measured soil moisture was used to validate the impacts of coal mining.The results indicated that undergroundcoal mining produced negative impacts on land surface soil moisture in Daliuta,Huojtu Jinjie,Yujaliang.Shigetai and Bulianta mines and soil moisture in mined area was lower than soil moisture in un-mined area,which consistended with the results of field measurement.Meanwhile,Shangwan-erintu, Wulanmulun and Halagou mines were not obviously affected by underground coal mining.The pratice showed vegetation constructionand mine water circulation utilization could partally eliminate the negative influence of underground coal mining.
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May 15th,2022

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