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2016 Issue 11

Experimental study on hydrogen-rich fuel production from co-pyrolysis of coking-coal tailings and pine


Li Yuhuan Zhao Hongyu Liang Xinxing Song Qiang Lyu Junxin Liu Shucheng Shu Yuanfeng Li Suying Shu Xinqian

Author Unit:

College of Energy and Power Engineering,Inner Mongolia University of Technology School ofChemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing) School of Civil and Resource Engineering,University of Science & Technology Beijing

Key Words:

coking-coal tailings; pine; coal pyrolysis; hydrogen-rich fuel;
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In order to explore the co-pyrolysis characteristics and the distribution rule of gas phase products of coking-coaltailings and pine,the co-pyrolysis of tailings and pine with different added proportions were carried out with a fixed bed reactc results showed that the pyrolysis rule of pine was different from coking-cal talings,and the maximum weight loss rate of pine was higher than coking-coal tajlings. When the final pyrolysis temperature was at 900 ℃C,the weight loss ratio of pine and cokingcal tailings were 74.33% and 13.25% respectively.The temperature range during the maximum pyrolysis weight loss rate had some overlap.which led to have a possibility of synergy for the co-pyrolysis of coking-coal tailings and pine.The yield of C0,CH_4 and CO_2were produced from pine alone prolysis was higher thancoking-coal tailings,but the yield of H_2 from pine pyrolysis was lower than coking-coal tailings. The percentage of yield of H 2 in total gas product yield during coking-cal tailings pyrolysis was 8.89% higher than the pine. The yield of CO.CH_4 and Co_2were produced from pine pyrolysiswere 13.93%,4.10% and 18.16% higher than coking-cal tailings respectively.The change tendency of the calculated value of Hl 2 yield was thesame as that of the experimental value,but the experiment value was slightly higher than the calulated value in the diferent proportion of pine.The calculated value of CH_4 yield was higher than the experimental value at low pyrolysis temperature,but the yield of CH_4 was higher than thatof the calculated value with the increase of pyrolysis temperature. When the pine add ratio was 40%,the calorific value of pyrolysis gas products had a maximum,up to 9 203.54 k J/kg.
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May 15th,2022

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