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2016 Issue 11

Study on briquetting characteristics of briquetted activated carbon prepared with Datong Jurassic bituminous coal


Jiang Yu Yang Jin Xie Qiang

Author Unit:

School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) Datong Coal Mine Group Co.,Ltd.

Key Words:

coal based activated carbon; briquetted activated carbon; coal tar pitch; particle size of coal powder;
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in order to improve mechanical strength of briquetted activated caroon,Datong Jurassic bituminous coal was sampled crushed and pulverized,and the pulverized coal were briquetted in the presence of coal tar pith,then bricuettes were carbonized at the temperature of 600 0C.The briquette and carbonized briquette samples were detemined compressive strength and wearablity.Meanwhile,the effect law of particle sizeditribution of pulverized cal water content, amount of cal tar pitch and briquetting pressure on mechanical strength were investigated.The results showed that the variation tendency of compressive strength for briquettes whether or not carbonized was similar.The compressive strength ofcarbonized briquette was less than that of briquette as cracks occur during carobonization process.There was not a regular effect of water contenton compressive strength,whereas the finer the size of coal powder and the more the coal tar pitch conter e enhanced,the higher the compressive strength.Apart from this,no obvious influence of water content and briquetting pressure on wearability could be observed, whereas the smaller the size of coal powder and the greater the coal tar pith content,the higher the wearabity of carooized brquettes.n the end,the briquette prepared from pulverized coal powder,96.5% of which could pass the sieve of 74 um the mass fraction of10% water and 10% coal tar pitch at briquetting pressure of 120 MPa.the optimal strength of briquetted activated caroon could obtained with Datong Jurassic bituminous coal.
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May 15th,2022

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