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2016 Issue 11

Research progress on characteristics of biogenic coalbed gases and its influence factors


Chen Run Wang Youyang Wang Linlin Liu Guowei

Author Unit:

Low Carbon Energy Institute,China University of Mining and Technology (Key Laboratory Coal-basedCO2 Capture & Geological Storage,Jiangsu Province) School of Resources and Geosciences,ChinaUniversity of Mining and Technology(Key Laboratory of Coalbed Methane Resource & Reservoir Formation History,Ministry of Education)Shanxi CBM Exploration and Development Branch,PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company

Key Words:

coalbed biogenic gases; origin type; gas parent material; microbial population; bio-enzyme activity;
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There are significant differences on the gas composition and isotopic composition between biogenic coalbed gases and thermogeniocoalbed gases,which has an important significance to coalbed methane resource exploration. In order to beter serve the exploration of biogeniocoalbed gases,the composition of coalbed methane and its classification were analyzed,.infuence factors of biogenic coalbed methane composititn were summarized,the problems and research directions were pointed.The results show that there are few difference in gas composition between biogas and thermal gas,and significant differences in stable isotope compositon.The biogenic coalbed gas can be comprehensive reoongited by the stable isotope composition characteristics and the gas related indexes.The biogas composition characterisics not only controlled by the aerogenic parent materials environmental water,but also infuenced by the anaerobic microbial population and enzyme activity. ue to multisource oarbon parent materials,the process of the biogenic coalbed methane and its intermediate materials should be further studied; combined with the gases characteristics of bioconverting coal to methane,the CD-diagram for biogenic coalbed methane classification should be modfied orland rebuilded.
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May 15th,2022

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