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2016 Issue 11

Design and simulation on buck converter of mine intrinsic safe power


Tian Changgeng

Author Unit:

School of Mechanical Electronic & Information Engineering,China University of Mining & Technology(Beijing)

Key Words:

intrinsic safe power; Buck converter; coal mine; closed-loop simulation;
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According to many closed and combustible gases and the features of the mine intrinsic safe power to be stably operated,a study and design was conducted on the mine intrinsic safe power converter. According to the max output ipple voltage and the intrinsic safe crieron re.uirements,the paper analyzed the working principle of the Buck converer,determined the scope of the capacitance and inductance parameters inthe circuit and researched and developed the closed-loop control method of the Buck converter applied in the intrinsic safe power.The closed-oop simulation of the Buck converter was realized and the design debugging scheme of the actual circuit was improved. In order to verify the reliabiity of the conclusion,the MATLAB software was applied to the simulation and the simulation results showed that when the inductance was 0.1 mH selected and the capacitance was 500 uF selected,the Buck converter could be stably run.After the application of the closed loop control method,the crossover frequency of the system transmission function was 9.96 k Hz and the phase margin was 58.5 .in comparison with before closedloop control method applied,the Buck converter could effectively reduce the output of the ripple voltage and could keep the output voltage in constant.The control feasibility of the Buck converter was verified.
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June 15th,2022

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