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2016 Issue 11

Application discussion on laser borehole drilling technology to directional drilling for coalbed methane


Yang Lingzhi Wen Guojun Wang Yudan Huang Lei Yang Mingjun

Author Unit:

School of Electromechanical Engineering,China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)

Key Words:

laser drilling; intelligent drilling; directional drilling; coalbed methane;
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in order to solve the small urvature radius driling dificulty,low drilling efficiency and other technical problems existed in the directional rlling of the coalbed methane,to effectively improve the mining effect of the coalbed methane,an idea of the laser dilling technology was provided and applied to the intelligent directional drilig of the coalbed methane.Based on each advantages of the laser drlling technology accepted by the drilling experts at home and abroad better than the conventional driling combined with the coal and rock features occurredin the directional dilling of the calbed methane from the rock breaking feasitilitytechnique feasitility,drlling tools feasibility,safety technique guarantee,the advantages of the laser driling + air riling technique,advantages of the laser drlling + directional illing.advantages of the laser dillig + intelligent drilling and others ,the theoretical analysis and experiment study on the function process of the laser driling showed the feasibiliy and advantages of the laser drilling technology applied to the directional drilling of the coalbed methane
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June 15th,2022

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