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2016 Issue 11

Study on de-moisture effect of small type mine air cooler


Miao Dejun Tan Dongwei Zhang Kun Chang Dehua Ge Xing Yu Ch ao

Author Unit:

Cultivation Base,Provincial and State Joint Key Lab of Mining Disaster Prevention andControl,Shandong University of Science and Technology College of Mining and SafetyEngineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology Guangzhou Special Equipment Inspection and Test lnstitute

Key Words:

small type mine air cooler, moisture exchange mechanism; de-moisture effect; high temperature and high moisture mine;
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ln order to studly and disoover the conventional small ype mine air cooler would have the de- moisture capacity while the air cooler would have the temperature reduction,a study method combined with the experiment study and the numerical simulaton was applea io estaDlSnthe de-moisture experiment device and other related model of the small type mine air cooler.During the experiment study,there were four diferent devices conducted to send the cool air temperature and humidity to the small ype mine air coole,the cool temperature and humidity were 20 ℃and 35%,20 ℃ and 55%,25 ℃ and 35% and 25 ℃ and 55% individual . Other experiment parameters were kept stable and no change and the variation conditon of the environment relative humidity under the diferent experiment condition was montored and measured.Then the ANSYS numerical simulation method was applied to the simulation study on the four different devices and the experiment results were verified.The resultsshowed that during the cooling process,the small type mine air cooler would have a certain de-moisture capacity,but the completed de- moisture effect was not obvious and a further discovery and study should be conducted on the mine cooling and de-moisture air cooler equipment with a higher de-moisture capacity in order to improve the safety production efficiency of the high temperature and high moisture mine.
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June 15th,2022

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