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2016 Issue 11

Analysis on dynamics features and fatigue life of crawler walking mechanism applied in continuous miner


Zhang HongZhang Xiaokun Shi Tao

Author Unit:

School of Mechanical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group

Key Words:

crawler walking mechanism; loading features; fatigue life;continuous miner;
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acording to the common failure mode occurred in the crawler walking mechanism of the continuous analysis on the damage causes and law and a dynamic mathematic model of the crawler walking mechanism was established.Based on the Recur Dyn dynamics software,the dynamics sinulation was conducted on the crawler walking mechanism of a continuous miner and the loading feature curve of the crawler walking mechanism was obtained. Based on the finite element method,the rigid-fiexible coupling model could be applied to analvze the gearingload contact features between the sprocket teeth and the track shoe and the modal stress response features.Based on the basis ,the dynamic stress recovery method was applied to the fatigue life calculation on the track and driving sprocket. The results showed that the max stressof the pin between the track shoes was same to the max contact load of the track shoe,the worst and weakness ocation of the fatigue life for thetrack assembly and the sprocket system would be a quite same to the actual falure location of the crawler walking mechanism in the underground mine and the distribution law of dynamic loading in track assembly and the sprocket system was inversed and could provide a certain solution idea to fault judgement on crawler walking mechanism of continuous miner.
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June 15th,2022

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