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2016 Issue 11

Study on classification of surrounding rock quality in mine shaft and roadway based on Fisher discrimination analysis


Zhang Zizhao Chen Kai Cheng Wenyu Liu Jun Tian Zhongfeng

Author Unit:

School of Geological and Mining Engineering,Xinjiang University School of Resources andGeosciences,China University of Mining and Technology Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources

Key Words:

surounding rock of roadway,surrounding rock quality classification classification index; Fisher discrimination analysis; back substitution estimation method;
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in order to establish discrimination model of the surrounding rock quality classification for the mine shaft and roadway at the mine exploration stage,seven factors of a natural uniaxial compression strength,saturated uniaxial compression strength,softening coeffient,natral shearing strength,saturated shearing strength,mnoisture content and RQD value were selected as the classication indexes.Based on 40 group rocksamples from the roof and floor of two seams in a mine of Urunqi.Xinjiang as the study samples,the Fisher discrimination analysis method was applied to the training of the 40 group rock samples. A discrimination model was established.A back substition estimation method was applied totest and verify each sample and the accuracy rate was 97.5%. The discrimination classification model was applied to classify 8 group rock samples from another mine and the classification results were fully fted with the actual classification results. The study results showed that the Fisherdiscrimination analysis method was an effective classification method of the surrounding rock quality and the discrimination model could be promoted and applied to the surrounding rock quality classification of the actual mine shaft and roadway.
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June 15th,2022

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