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2016 Issue 11

Selection design and outlook on advanced hydraulic powered support of gateway in fully-mechanized coal mining face


Guo Jisheng

Author Unit:

Beijing Design and Consultant Company,Planning and Design Research Institute of Coal Industry

Key Words:

advanced support of gateway; advanced hydraulic powered support; support mode structure
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According to the shortage of the design standards existed in the support technology of the advanced hydraulic powered supports applied to the mining gateway in China,the repeated support on the gateway roof the complicated matching of the transportation gateway and othertechnical dificulty.the theoretical analysis,numerical simulation and other methods were applied to the analysis on the advanced section supportparameters of the mode design,matching method and others. The study results showed that due to the advanced section of thegateway affected by the repeated mining as well as the bolt and anchor support,the site measurement and numerical simulation combined method could be applied to determine the rational advanced supportdistance of the gateway and the support strength.Based on the different cross section size and support requirements of the gateway,the four-bar linkage type or telescopic type advanced hydraulic powered support would be selected generally.The four-bar linkage type advanced hydraulic powered support would have the high bending resistance and torsional resistance advantages and would be suitable for the large cross section gateway. The telescopic type advanced hydraulic powered support would have the simple structure,light weight and other advantages and would be more suitable for the small ross secton gateway.The advanced hydraulic powered support of the gateway would be the main development tendency of the advanced hydraulic powered support applied to the large cross section gateway and the advanced support still ould have the rof falure by the repeated support,narrow matching space and other technical dfricultes existed.
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June 15th,2022

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