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2016 Issue 11

Comprehensive bolt and grouting control technology of mine roadway floor heave with new type grouting material


Liu Xufeng Xiong Zuqiang Liu Chengwei Wang Cheng Xiong Zhipet g

Author Unit:

School of Energy Science and Engineering,Henan Polytechnic University Henar Provincial Coordination and lnnovation Center of Coal Safety Production

Key Words:

mine roadway floor heave; stability of surrounding rocek; new type grouting material;comprehensive bolt and grouting;
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According to the surrounding rock broken,high flor heave quantty and sustainable deformation problem occurred in three gatewaysof No.15 seam in No. 2 Mine of Sihe Mine,with the theoretical analysis jn-borehole peep and other methods,the causes of the foor heave in thegateway were analyzed and the results were the comprehensive effect of the repeated mining,.improper support method and other factors. /n theaspect of the control measures,the " time effect" idea was enhanced,the support measures were required to play a rapid role to prevent the sustainable deformation and failure caused by the unstable creep in the surounding rock,to inmprove the loose and weaken status of the surrounding rock in essential and to form a good force transfer mechanism.Based on the support countermeasures,thus a new quick setting grouting material CDKS was researched and developed,the solidification would be conducted within 5 ~ 15 min and the theoretical stvrength could be reached at 80%within 8 hours. The comprehensive bolt and grouting control measures of the two sidewalls,foor coners and foor were provided.The engineering practices showed that after the bolt and grouting construction of the three gateways in No.151101 serious deformation gateway,the average floor heave of 40 days and the average convergence betwveen the two sidewalls were47 mm and 56 m individually and the gateway was stable in tendency. After the reaming and foor digging of the gateway.the comprehensive boltand grouting was conducted and could quickly control the deformation of the surrounding rock and the rationality of the method was verified.
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June 15th,2022

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