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2020 Issue 12

Study on layout and support technology of strongly disturbed roadway in contiguous coal seam


DAl Wenxiang,PAN Weidong,LI Meng,ZHANG Jian

Author Unit:

Datong City , Shanxi Protince, Tashan Coal Mine, China Coal Datong Energy Co., lid., Datong 037001, Chin ;Sthod of Energy and MiningEnginering ,China University of Mining and 'Tehnology-Bijing,Bijing 100083 , China;3.Tindi"Technology Co., ld.,Bijing 100013,Chinma

Key Words:

extra-thick coal seam;extremely close dlistance ;gob-side entry driving; surrounding rock control; roadway support
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ln view of a series of problems such as difficulies in layout of entry and supporting under the influence of concentrated stress ofresidual coal pillars in the upper coal seam, based on the background of No.30515 fully-mechanirzed top-coal caving face in 'Tashan CoalMie of China Coal Datong Energy Co., L.d., theoretical analysis,,numerical simulation , field measurement and other methods have beenused to stuly the transfer characterstics of the concentrated stress of the overlying coal pillar in the floor, the reasonable arrangement ofcoaul pillar and roalway in No.30515 working face , and the optinmization of the surounding rock control support parameters. The resultsshow that at different depths of the flor , the farther away the load is uniformly distributedl fiom the coal pillar, the greater the stress distrihution range and the smaller the inluence degree. The entry layout of No.3-5 coal seam is basically at a level 20 m away from the uppercoal flow.At this time, the stress in all directions appmoaches to 0 at a position 25 m away from the overlying coal pillar. In order to savecoal resources to the maximum extent , the entry of No.30515 large-cuting height fuly-mechanized top-coal caving face can be excavaltedlalong the goh. After calculation, the peak stess is less than the bearing limit of the coal pillar when the width of coal pillar in the sectionis 8 m , the integrity of the cal pillar is better , and the working face will not have large defomation due to mining disturbance.The com-hbined support movde of “anchor mesh cable + steel belt”can control the surrounding rock deformation of the mining roadlway. There is noobvious pressure in the whole process of No.30515 belt driving along the trench.The research conchusions provide a reference for the sup-port of entry under similar conditions.

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May 15th,2022

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