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2020 Issue 12

Study on high-pressure grouting technology with combined anchor and cable under high ground stress roadway


SUN Hailiang ,ZHAO Jingya, SUN jiayue

Author Unit:

Driing ofice ,Pingdingshan Tian 'an Coal lndustry Co , L.d. , Pingulingshan 467000 , China

Key Words:

high ground stress; sealing device;combined anchor; high-pressure grouting;
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In onler to solve the problems commonly existed in deep roarlway with serious deformation,and difficultsupport of surroundingrock , etc., the deformation and failure chanacteristis of deep high stress roatway sumounding rock and its influencing factors were ana-lyzedl, and the mechanism of high strength boling support was discussed , the combined anchor cable grouting support technology and sup-porting costruction technology were studied , the combinel anchor cable high-pressure grouting technology scheme and process parameterswere designedl, and a new type of combined anchor cable grouting sealing device was designed.T'he results show that: the grouting of thecombined anchor cable can be divided into two parts :sealing grouting and hole sealing grouting. After the fist grouting, the owrifice is solid-ified and the grouting presure is significantly increased from 3 MPa to 8 MPa.After the grout pressure is increasedl, the grout diflusion ra-dius is obviously increased , the grout spreads along the cacks of the rock layer,which increases the ceohesion of the fractured rock strata ,and improves the overall strength of suroundling rocks , and forms a stable pressurized composite arch around the roadway, which will im-prove the stability of the roadway.'Tlhrough comparison and analysis, the control efect of the roadway surroundling rock in the combined an-chor cable grouting support section is significantly better than that of the ordtinary support section.The supporting strength of surroundingrock of roadway is greatly strengthened,and the integrity of surounding rock is improvel , the surounding rock of roadway defomation isredluced by more than 50% compared with the ordinary support section,and the surrounding rock deformation is better controlled.

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May 15th,2022

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