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2020 Issue 12

Research status and prospect of mine thermal disaster and rescue safety judgement


GUO Jun CAI Guobin ZHENG Xuezhao LIU Yin JIN Yan

Author Unit:

College of Safety Science and Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Western Mine and Hazard Prevention,Ministry of Education of China Xi'an Research Center of National Mine Rescue

Key Words:

thermodynamic disaster; dangerous situation determination; emergency rescue; secondary disasters;
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Mine thermodynamic disasters are the main disaster type of serious accidents in coal mines ,which severely restrict the green,safe and efficient mining of coal. The paper documents the development of the definition of thermodynamic disaster,and analyzes the characteristics thermal dynamic disasters during rescue. Spat iotemporal evolution of characteristic parameters of mine fire environment, determination of rescue danger areas and safety evaluation of rescue were respectively revie wed and discussed. At the same time ,the shortcomings of the current research were also discussed. Finally,the key research directions of mine thermal power disasters and rescue safety prediction are prospected: the characteristics of typical combustible fire sources and the change law of fire roadway environmental parameters under the influence of rescue behavior; patiotemporal evolution of environmental parameters in large-scale roadways during rescue and the mechanism of secondary disaster S; the law of gas migration after disasters; combustion flame and explosion shock wave propagation law after the disaster;dynamic judgment method of rescue hazard si tuation under the superposition effect of secondary disasters. The research results have a certain reference value for the theoretical and technical research in the field of mine thermodynamic disaster and rescue safety prediction in China.
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June 15th,2022

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