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2020 Issue 10

Dynamic characteristics of low-concentration oxygen-containing gas explosion and prevention and control key technologies


SI Rongjun LI Runzhi

Author Unit:

Fire and Explosion Prevention Research Branch,Chongqing Research Institute,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group

Key Words:

low-concentration gas; explosion limit; propagation law; explosion prevention and control; active explosion suppression; explosion resistance; explosi on venting;
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Low-concentration oxygen-containing gas( volume fration is less than 30%) has the risk of combustion and explosion and cannot be directly transported and utilized,which not only causes the waste of resources, but also seriously pollutes the environment. From the perspective of literature research,it comprehensively dis cusses the development status and trends of low-concentration oxygen-containing gas explosion prevention and control technology and equipment in China in recent ye ars. The main research contents include: ①Actual working conditions low-concentration oxygen-containing gas explosion precision identification technology: research a nd development test devices such as 20 L explosion characteristic test system in special environment and explosion characteristic test system in ultra-low temperature environment,and test technologies and methods have been established to solve the difficultyt of quantitative testing of gas explosion characteristic in special environme nt. This paper studies the characteristics of gas explosion under single and multi-factors coupling conditions,such as ambient temperature,pressure,humidity,ignition en ergy,etc.,which flls the gap in the study of gas explosion characteristics under ultra-low temperature,environmental humidity,and multi-factors coupling conditions,and r ealize the accurate identification of low-concentration oxygen-containing gas explosion under actual working conditions.②Key characterization technology of gas expl osion propagation in engineering-scale pipelines: a series of engineering-scale explosion pipe network test systems were constructed to simulate and test the disaster e ffects of low-concentration gas explosion in the real scene; the gas explosion propagation test was carried out under the conditions of different concentration,ignition en ergy and conveying pipe diameter combination,and the propagation law of pressure peak,flame velocity and propagation distance presented a' positive feedback mecha nism" was obtained,which laid the foundation for the development and installation design of explosion prevention and control equipment.③L ow-concentration oxygen-c ontaining gas rapid and reliable explosion prevention and control equipment series: a series of explosion prevention and control technology equipment was developed s uch as clean gas explosion suppression devices,fast-responsive active powder spraying suppression devices,dual fire and explosion suppression device; a multi-stage protection and safe transportation technology system with fire resistance, explosion discharge, explosion suppression and explosion prevention as the core was establish ed. In the follow-up research process,we should continue to carry out in-depth research on gas explosion characteristics under complex multi-factors coupling condition s; On the basis of the study of the propagation law of gas explosion in large-diameter pipelines ,the overall performance of explosion prevention and control equipment s hould be improved through technological innovation,and the installation procedures and methods should be simplified,and the applicability should be improved; researc h linkage technology and centralized control technology of various explosion prevention and control equipment should be studied to improve the itelligent level of equi pment.

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May 15th,2022

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