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2020 Issue 10

In-site monitoring study on relationship between movement and deformation of surface and buildings in mining area


YAN Yueguan SHI Xiaobo LIU Jibo TIAN Xiuguo ZHANG Guoguang

Author Unit:

School of Geoscience and Surveying Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology-Beiing College of Mining Engineering,Guizhou University of Engineering Science Kailuan ( Group) Limited Liability Corporation

Key Words:

surface deformation; deformation of building structures; deformation relationship; synchronous observation;
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The research on the damage protection of buildings and structures in mining area has a long history,especially in the coal mine in the eastern area of Ch ina. Due to the lack of scientific and reasonable guiding principles for the design of anti-deformation buildings,there are economic and social problems such as unreaso nable protection of buildings and structures or intensified relocation contradictions.The results of traditional research on the relationship between the surface and the de formation of buildings and structures are difficult to apply to the deformation characteristics of buildings and surfaces in the form of modern building materials and struct ures. In this paper,the coal pillar mining of a mine industrial square in Kailuan Group is taken as the research object. According to the distribution of buildings,the surfac e and buildings' deformation monitoring network was designed,and the typical buildings and their surfaces are selected for 7 times of synchronous observation,and then the influence relationship between the surface of the industrial square and the movement and deformation of the typical buildings is obtained. The results show that: the subsidence of buildings( structures) and surface are synchronous with the linear function. The overall tilt of buildings is basically synchronous with the surface,and the I ocal tilt deformation of buildings is small due to the influence of the overall structure. The curvature deformation of regular low rise buildings with small footprints smalle r than that of the surface,and the multistory buildings with large footprint are prone to negative curvature deformation. The research results can provide basis and refere nce for coal mining and building protection under similar conditions.
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June 15th,2022

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