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2020 Issue 10

Failure mechanism and anti-deformation design of vertical shaft affeced by coal mining


GUO Keyi WANG Jian'e

Author Unit:

Tangshan Research Institute,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Tangshan Kailuan Prospect and Design Company Ltd.

Key Words:

mining influence; shaft failure of vertical shaft; force analysis; reinforcement calculation;
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In order to solve the problem that there is no reasonable calculation method in the design of anti-deformation structural reinforcement of the newly-built s haft in deep mining,the method of analyzing the failure law of the well shaft,the relationship between the failure of well shaft and the deformation of the overlying strata was adopted to study the force of the well shaft under the influence of mining,and the calculation formula for the design of the wall thickness of the newly-built well shaf t and the matching of the well shaft was determined. The results show that the shaft wall passing through the weak rock stratum is most vulnerable to deformation and d amage under the influence of coal mining; the shaft has different stresses in the topsoil section and the bedrock section,and the vertical compression or tensile failure i s likely to occur in the topsoil section,and the bedrock section,especially the soft rock,is prone to have stress concentration; when designing a new well shaf,the thickn ess of the new well shaft and the amount of reinforcement on the well shaft are determined by analyzing the force of the new well shaft under the influence of mining CO nditions. According to this method,the thickness of the wall of the newly-built shaft is designed to be 600 mm,and the shaft wall is equipped with 2中22@ 250,and the C oncrete strength grade is C40.The newly-built shaft has withstood the impact of coal mining without any damage.
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June 15th,2022

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