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2020 Issue 10

Study on ecological restoration of reclaimed forest land in mining area based on UAV monitoring


CHEN Qiuji ZHU Xiaoya HOU Enke LI Jiye HANG Mengru

Author Unit:

College of Geomatics,Xi'an University of Science and Technology College of Geology and Environment,Xi'an University of Science and Technology

Key Words:

UAV; ecology in mining area; crop science tools; reclaimed forest;
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Under the background of ecological civllization era,the construction of green mines has become a national strategy,which are important way and inevitab le requirement for the development and transformation of mineral resources exploitation. Timely and rapidly obtaining mine ecological environment information,putting f orth differentiated management and protection measures to enhance the capacity of green mine construction,have become the urgent technical problems to be solved. One reclamation area of an open pit is taken as the research area,UAV technology is used to obtain ecological environment information and make high-resolution ortho photo image based on software of Agisoft PhotoScan,then Visible-band Difference Vegetation Index( VDVI) of UAV image is calculated based on software of ENVI,and i nformation of reclaimed seedlings quantity,crown width and health status are extracted based on Crop Science tools,and the spatial distribution of related indicators are analyzed by using Arc GIS,finally,spatial cluster of seedling growth is carried out based on hot spot analysis tools. It is found that there are great spatial differences abo ut vegetation growth in reclamation areas,so it is necessary to take targeted management and protection measures. Seedling planting density,quantity and specification S are basically consistent with the design requirements. The vegetation coverage is low,and the maintenance should be strengthened in the later stage. The research re sults provide important references for the green mine construction, evaluation,check and accept. The research results show that the research methods and techniques a dopted in this paper are feasible for the ecological environment monitoring in mining areas,and the work will continue to do in the future to help the construction of ecol ogical civilization in mining areas.
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June 15th,2022

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