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2020 Issue 10

Surface subsidence monitoring in mining area based on SBAS method fusing distributed scatterers



Author Unit:

School of Geomatics and Geoinformation,Chongqing Vocational Istitute of Engineering School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics,China University of Mining and Technology

Key Words:

SBAS method; distributed scatterers; subsidence monitoring; Sentinel- 1A image;
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Due to the extensive coal mining,surface collapse area increases year by year,threatening the safety of people's lives and property. Therefore,it is of gre at practical significance to monitor the long time-series surface subsidence and give early warning in mining area. Coal mining in Peixian County,Jiangsu Province has a long history,and the surface subsidence in mining area is obvious. In order to monitor the complete surface deformation area within mine field boundaries,it is first des cribed advantages and disadvantages of timeseries In SAR methods from deformation monitoring accuracy and point target density in this paper; Aiming at the problem that time-series In SAR method can't acquire sufficient point targets in non-urban areas,the processing method of distributed target is described from homogeneous pix el selection and phase optimization,and the data processing flow of fusing distributed target and SBAS is introduced. At present,the SBAS method fused with distributed target has less application cases in surface deformation monitoring. In order to verifty whether this paper uses monitoring results of this method are helpful to better ana lyze long time-series deformation characteristic in mining area,SBAS method and SBAS were uscd together to fuse distributed scattererst to process 14 Sentinel-1 A im ages ranging from October2016 to April 2017,and the deformation field caused by mining in Zhangshuanglou( ZSL) mine were abtained. Results of this paper are as foll ows: the density of point target obtained by SBAS fused with distributed target is 4.3 times that of SBAS,which improves the density of point target effectively; From Oct ober 2016 to April 2017,the surface subsidence monitored by the fusion method and SBAS method are-209.3 mm and-202.4 mm respectively,and the monitoring results of two methods are relatively close; Considering point target density and deformation monitoring results,the SBAS method fused with distributed target has more advant ages than SBAS method in monitoring the surface subsidence of mining area; the surface subsidence is increasing gradually,so time-series observation is needed for W arning.
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June 15th,2022

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