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2020 Issue 10

Study on ecological restoration of open pit mines based on UAV oblique photogrammetry technology


WEN Caihuan WANG Wendong

Author Unit:

Hebei Institute of Surveying and Mapping of Geology

Key Words:

unmanned aerial vehide; oblique photogrammetry; open pit mines; ecological restoration;
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At present,the methods of total station or GPS-RTK are widely used in mine ecological restoration,which have problems of high intensity,long period and high cost. Especially for abandoned open-pit mines with disasters such as landslide and collapse,which bring serious security risks to surveyors. At the same time, tradit ional surveying and mapping production can not directly and truly show the topography and geomorphology of abandoned open-pit mines for its plane 2-dimension,whic h brings inconvenience to the design of ecological restoration scheme. In order to meet the needs of ecological restoration in open-pit mines,the application of unmanne d aerial vehicle( UAV) tilt photogrammetry technology was proposed to carry out mine ecological restoration. Firstly,in stage of preparation work, basic information,geolo gical data and mining data of mines are collected and airspace is applied. Secondly,in stage of exploration and mapping,the UAV tilt photography is carried out to establ ish the 3 D model of the real scene. During mentioned process,quality control measures were used to improve accuracy of the real scene 3 D model. The 3 D products are achieved by above real scene 3 D model. Then,in the design stage,combined with geological hazard information,3 D model,3 D digital products,ecological restoratio n design,engineering quantity statistics,investment budget are carried out,and the effect model is established to demonstrate the scheme. The design scheme is used fo r the construction after assessment from different perspectives such as regulation effect,investment amount,construction period ,industrial development,etc. Finally,in sta ge of construction management,the UAV tilt photography technology is used to obtain the real 3 D model for dynamic monitoring and effect comparison which can achie ve digital and quantitative management. The UAV tilt photogrammetry technology has been applied in the ecological restoration of abandoned open-pit mines in Hebei P rovince. All data results meet the requirements of relevant regulations. The results show that: this technology can make survey and mapping more efficient,scheme desi gn more intuitive,management and construction more comprehensive,mine ecological restoration more accurate,which provide strong technical support for mine ecologi cal restoration. At the same time,the preservation of the historical archives of the mine is of great significance for promoting ecological restoration and playing a leading
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June 15th,2022

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