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Complete equipment and technology for intelligent unmanned working face in thin coal seam


ZHOU Kaiping

Author Unit:

Taiyuan Research Institute Company Limited,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group,Taiyuan ,China

Key Words:

thin coal seam;fully-mechanized mining face;intelligent mine;unmanned;complete equipment and technology
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Thin coal seam mining has many problems and inconveniences,namely,bad working environment,the intensity of labor is big,people can′t walk upright,even unable to enter,the production efficiency is low,with machine operation difficult,poor equipment,low degree of automation,the system of control difficulty is big,easy create any production safety accident,the thin coal seam mining automation technology are mainly coal units and electric traction roller way of two kinds of typical coal and coal mining technology automation units has a simple structure and cutting depth,fast,but the demand is high,the conditions for coal seam through fault poor adaptability,narrow application range,hard coal mining difficulties.The automatic mining technology of electric traction drum shearer has the characteristics of strong adaptability and large adaptability range,but the structure size is large,cutting power is low and economic benefit is low.In order to effectively solve the above problems of thin coal seam mining and inconveniences,put forward a new chain traction thin coal seam mining transportation supporting complete sets of equipmentand technology,it is different from coal unit and rocker arm type coal mining technology,mainly including cutting department,delivery department,supporting system,traction,towing,reprint broken,belt conveyor,mobile substation,emulsion pump and the corresponding intelligent control system,through the complete chain traction system traction cutting part vertical feed,strong cutting coal and raise the undercover,and other functions,implementation of working face coal fast cutting,fast loading,fast delivery,moving frame,pushing sneak in time.Linkage control of coal cutting,traction,transportation and shifting frame is completed,and finally,the production automation of thin coal seam mining,coal cutting intelligence,management information and working face unmanned is realized.
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May 15th,2022

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