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Study on safety and efficient mining technology of thin coal seam in Shendong mine area


LUO Wen,YANG Juncai

Author Unit:

Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co.,Ltd.,Shenmu ,China

Key Words:

thin coal seam;safe and efficient mining ;roof-cuttting and gateway maintained;equal hight shearer
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In order to solve the problems of safe efficient mining of thin coal seam at Shendong Mining Area,the domestic and abroad technology and equipment development was reviewed.By analysis of five contradictions such as large tunnel size,more rock-cutting,low efficiency,poor adaptability,low reliability in the thin coal seam mining,a set of thin coal seam excavating,roof-cutting and gateway retained methods,the optimized layout solutions were put forward,which solved the problem of high tunneling rate and low tunneling efficiency.On the basis of current mainstream drum shearers and coal ploughs analysis,the equal hight shearer solutions charactered by short equipment body,efficient loading system,large cutting ability,good adaptability to coal thickness were proposed.Remote control and maintenance at gateway solved the problem of thin seam equipment maintenance.By application practices of Polish Mine and technical and economic analysis of Bulianta Coal Mine mining plan,a good result with output of 124 kilotons per month,1.5 million tons per year was obtained,which could provide the beneficial reference for the domestic and abroad safety and efficient mining of thin coal seam.
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June 15th,2022

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