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Research on coal loading performance of globoid drum in thin coal seam shearer


XU Panpan,LIU Songyong,LIU Yangyang

Author Unit:

1.School of Mechatronic Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou ,China;2.Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd.,Xuzhou ,China

Key Words:

thin seam coal shearer;globoid drum; discrete element method;coal loading efficiency; lump coal rate
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In order to solve the problem of poor coal loading effect of thin coal seam shearers,the optimal design of globoid drum was carried out.The cumulative coal loading rate was used as an index to evaluate coal loading capacity of shearer,and a simulation study of loading effect of the traditional roller and goloboid drum was carried out with the discrete element method.The coal loading efficiency of the traditional drum and the globoid drum was analyzed and finally,coal loading efficiency and lump coal rate of the two drums were tested.The test results show that with the increase of one half angle β of the globoid drum,the coal loading efficiency increases first and then decreases,and when cone half angle of globoid drum is β=10°,its coal loading efficiency is the highest; compared with the traditional drum,the optimal design of the globoid drum has lower specific energy consumption,larger lump coal rate and higher coal loading efficiency.The research results provide a reference for the selection and design of thin coal seam shearer rollers.
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June 15th,2022

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