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Research on top-coal caving mechanism and control technology in extra-thick coal seam with hard dirt band


FENG Yufeng

Author Unit:

Information Institute of Ministry of Emergency Management, Beijing , China

Key Words:

shell model; hard sandwich; extra-thick coal seam; top coal caving mechanism; deep-hole pre-splitting blasting
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In order to solve the problems of poor top-coal caving and low recovery rate in fully-mechanized top-coal caving with with hard dirt band (sandwich),the research methods by using theoretical analysis,numerical simulation and field survey were used to establish a uniformly loaded thin plate mechanical model for sandwich breakage.The numerical simulation compares and analyzes the influence of different intercalated layers on the crushing mechanism and caving behavior of top-coal.Meanwhile,the LS-DYNA3D explicit dynamic analysis program was used to simulate the effect of blasting under different charging methods and different blast hole positions.On this basis,measures such as top-coal’s deep hole pre-splitting blasting and double interval caving process were put forward.The results indicate that the tensile fracture area was located at 3~5 m posterior to the coal wall in the middle of the coal face,and the shear fracture area was located at the face end.The influence degree of dirt band to the top-coal’s cavibility is positively correlated with the number of layers.The blasting effect is better in decoupling charge and when the blastholes’ position is inside the dirt band,top-coal recovery rate is increased to over 85% after implementing top-coal’s weakening measures and optimizing the mining process.The research results have guiding significance for guiding the production practice of fully-mechanized top-coal caving in extra-thick coal seams and improving the top-coal discharge rate.

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June 15th,2022

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